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Past Productions

A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens
December 8, 2012

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Our 2nd Annual Dramatic Reading in Support of Our Bursary Fund.

Director & Host: Heather Dick, Artistic Director
Readers: Maria Ricossa, John Bourgeois, Mark Nocent, Michelle McLeod, Aaron Shelson, Anton Wasowicz
Singers: Kala Fuenmayor, Natalie Banka, Jenna Ciccoritti
Musical Direction & Accompaniment: Heather Lewis

Many thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the festive season with our 2nd annual dramatic reading of Charles Dickens’ beloved classic, A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Funds were raised in support of our Bursary Fund which helps families whose children would benefit and grow from our training and activities but who, for various reasons, may not be able to afford full tuition fees. We also raised non-perishable food items in support of local food cupboards at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church and at Wesley Mimico United Church.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who helped to make this evening such a success:

Cindy Ashton
Darren Gittens
Christi Musico
Ruth Schefter
Jessica Stacey
Morgan Timberg

Andthank you to the following businesses who supported this benefit event:

Birds and Beans Cafe
Lakeshore Arts
Lakeshore Valumart
Mimico Presbyterian Church

A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens
December 11, 2011

A Dramatic Reading to Support Our Bursary Fund

Director: Heather Dick
Host: Jerry Smith
Starring: Rosemary Dunsmore, Marianne McIsaac, Scott Collie, Susan Nagy, Karen Shue and John Watson
Musical Accompaniment : Frank Horvat on piano
Musical Accompaniment : Voices in Time - Choral Singing
Volunteer Extraordinaire: Ruth Schefter

We’re going to make this an annual holiday tradition! Come out next year!

We raised over $700 for the Scholarship Fund and 140 lbs. of food.

Thank you to the following businesses who supported this benefit event:

Square Crop - TJ Donnelly
Mario & Selina’s No Frills - Mario & Selina Spudic

December 30 & 31, 2008

Director: Heather Dick
Assistant Director: Thomas Goetz
Starring: Christopher Martin, Laina Timberg, Morgan Timberg, Ilya Zvolynsky
Stage Manager: Gloria Tran
Photographer & Visual Consultant: David Major

All the performers in NEW CANADIAN KID were members of the 2008 - 2009 Youth Performance Ensemble. Our stage manager was a student in the Ryerson Stage Management Program and our Assistant Director was a student in a local Fine Arts High School. This production offered them all a chance to rehearse and perform in a professional setting with experienced artistic and technical staff and is just one example of how the Sirius Theatrical Company works within the community to fulfill it's mandate of teaching and training through artistic production.


"I thought the show NEW CANADIAN KID was excellent. ...Excellent marks to all who took part, but especially to the lead actor. Look forward to more from this talented group." Diane P.

"I was totally blown away by your play--it was not what I was expecting at all and I thought it was brilliant. Did I really hear you right that those kids learned all that Minglish in TWO weeks? Amazing! Congratulations to you and your cast. I'm glad I was there." Karen A.

"Wonderful Performances - Excellent Topic!!!"

"Very brilliantly done. Could relate to the whole show."

New Canadian Kid was written by Dennis Foon, based on a concept by Jane Howard Baker, and was originally produced by Green Thumb Theatre for Young People, Vancouver, British Columbia and was produced by arrangement with Kensington Literary Representation, 34 St. Andrew Street, Toronto, ON, M5T 1K6, 416.979.0187.

MAIL-ORDER ANNIE by Carl C. Cashin
November 20 - December 1, 2007

Director: Heather Dick
Assistant Director: Melanie Fernandez-Alvares
Starring: Peter Bloch-Hansen, Gabriella Hahn, Hannah Hogan, Bob Ormerod
Costume Design Consultant: Angela Thomas
Stage Manager: Dianne Lametti

MAIL-ORDER ANNIE was the winner of Theatre B.C.’s 13th Annual National Playwriting Competition in 2001. It is a wonderful slice of Canadiana that is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings.

View Show Poster


"Bravo! A delight!"

"Your cast captured Saskatchewan beautifully."

"Well Done. Enjoyed!"

"Great Play, need more like it!!"

"Congratulations on a bit of Canadian history"

TAPESTRY OF DREAMS (DreamWeavers Project)
Community Neighbourhoods Weaving Dreams Through ART
December 7 - 9, 2006

Director:Heather Dick
Costume and Set Design Consultant: Angela Thomas

DREAMWEAVERS was an inter-generational, multi-disciplinary, cultural animation project designed to capture and celebrate the hopes and dreams of our Toronto community. While engaging people of all ages and cultures, it placed an emphasis on connecting with youth and seniors. The two-phase project created artistic opportunities during which family, friends and neighbours shared their hopes, dreams, love and visions of the future through poetry, stories, lyrics and a performance piece infused with dance, music and visual art.

During Phase I stories, poems, song lyrics and raps were gathered through a writing contest for students and through facilitated writing workshops for adults. The writing contest ran from June through mid-September, 2006 and the top three entries were each awarded an honorarium. Facilitated writing workshops were offered for adults during July and August. The top 6 student entries and the 6 adult entries became the foundation of the Phase II dance/music/visual art performance that took place in December 2006.

During Phase II the entries chosen in Phase I were interpreted by musicians, dancers, visual artists and theatre performers from the local community. Under the guiding hand of Artistic Director, Heather Dick, these dreams were woven into a performance piece that was presented in early December, 2006 at the Sirius Theatrical Company's studio performance space in the Lakeshore area.

This project was made possible with support from Lakeshore Arts.
This project was funded by the City of Toronto Culture Division, TO Live With Culture

- An Original Work by the Sirius Theatrical Company Collective
June 8 - 17, 2006

Director: Heather Dick, Artistic Director
Assistant Director: Melanie Fernandez-Alvares
Starring: Dale Pringle, Juliet Davy, Karen Shue, Jasmine D'Costa, Heath Thomas, Heather Dick
Set & Costume Design: Angela Thomas
Dramaturgy: Rex Deverell


"I came down to see your play last week and I really enjoyed it. It really pulled me in and I won't take a tram ride quite the same way for a little while now."

"A really good show, and I am left feeling so good about the enthusiasm and focus and dedication of the cast..."

"I thought the acting was great and I loved the way the relationship of the six characters grew. I wonder if something like this happens on the TTC? You never know."

"It was really excellent - good ideas, good writing, good acting - how much more could you want."

by Joan Macleod
June 1990

A one woman tour de force. The three-week run culminated in a sold out performance.

Director: Andrew Chown
Starring: Heather Dick

Media Response

"a fine production that, like it's title is a small gem" - The Toronto Star

JEWEL "has been given a deeply felt and properly considered professional production. The result is effective." - The Globe and Mail

"well-performed show from people who clearly care about what they are doing" - Metropolis

by Guillermo Verdecchia
May 2000:

Director: Heather Dick

The Toronto premiere of this compelling Canadian play was a co-production with Mad Jam Productions.


"Heather's guidance helped me put a real, live, human being up on stage instead of a 'character'. Her focus on what wasn't on the page through improvisation, as well as what was, ensured that I left no stone unturned in my search for who Mark was."


"Heather Dick has remarkable insight and instincts. Under her guidance I was able to flesh out the life of my character and create a rich background from which to work. She helped me to grow as an actor and I look forward to working with her again!"


by Greg Dunham
July 1995

Director: Heather Dick

This co-production with Moxie Productions, was a hit at the 1995 Toronto Fringe Festival.